Acuarios Inventive Solutions



When developing their ideas into a business, too many SME's have structural problems.

Business development skills and sales power are crucial elements and hard to find.

On top of that we often see SME management desperately searching for working capital, which is not part of their core expertise. 

The fact that banks provide less and less loans has not made it easier for them.

The result is the slowing down of development and - worse - company potential remaining unfulfilled.


The mission of Acuarios Inventive Solutions (AIS) is to develop potential of SME companies.

This takes place through a growing network of individuals who are prepared to introduce AIS partners to their personal contacts.

As a co-entrepreneur with global presence AIS provides solutions SME's do not have in house - or do not have access to.

AIS strives to minimise the cash out, enabling SME's to get things done that otherwise would be impossible.

Collaboration with SME's that qualify is based on future profit sharing between the SME's at one side and AIS, Associates and various Providers at the other side.

By Entrepreneurs for Entrepeneurs

AIS Asssociates forming the AIS network are all selected for their entrepreneurship.

SME's that are looking for support need to qualify, AIS intends to suppport quality rather than quantity